Trading with Integrity

The logical choice...
1) Lauren Paige Art Gallery & Writing Bureau - Nottingham's only art gallery solely presenting unique, original contemporary fine art paintings - by a self-representing, independent professional artist.

2) Lauren Paige Fine Art Gallery & Writing Bureau has been established since 2006 and is entirely self-funded.

3) Lauren Paige Art Gallery & Writing Bureau offer a transparency other galleries do not - Lauren Paige paints many of her works of art on site, thus, providing you the additional treat of observing her whilst painting!

4) Lauren Paige's art does not mimic that of any art school or follow trends. Holistically, her talent(s) have been honed over the years through her remarkable personal insight, application, unnerving commitment and dedication.

5) At Lauren Paige Art Gallery & Writing Bureau, we craft, create and deliver...

6) As we are independent, our prices are respectable. When you trade with us there is no middleman, representation or other hidden fees.

7) In-keeping with the integral and traditional aspects of our trade(s): we at Lauren Paige Art Gallery & Writing Bureau, craft and hand-stretch most of our canvases using cotton or linen. We then double prime, paint upon them and finally frame.

8) We use only quality PEFC Certified timber and moulding for framing and crafting our strainer bars.

9) We are confident in both our abilities and the discerning tastes of the public and have collectors and enthusiasts across the country and internationally.

10) Lauren Paige Art Gallery & Writing Bureau provides the public the opportunity to engage with the mind of a unique and progressive creative thinker...